Kenz (zairelynsvaine) wrote in hq_cons,

Only 36 days left to go!!!

Hey you all, just wanted to remind you that I need an answer on who's going to be in the hotel so far I have confirmation from Erin (I think Sam) Tuffie and 2 friends and that's about it. So I need a response from Gonk, Kelsey etc... anyone else that's coming with them or something agh!! youj guys are stressing me out but I assume it will all work out ( I hope it will or my dad's going to kill me)

On a side note what's everybody planning on cosplaying this year? I'm thinkning about entering the hall costume contest with my paper costume! although I haven't completely decided who to be. I'm thinking Sailor V but any siggestions would be helpful! 

Oh and does anyone want to join in the Bible Black funtimes! I'm going to make some extra black blouse things so if someone wants to be the guy as well I'll make an extra tie or something. It'll be lot's of fun

Alright I gotta go but be sure to respond to this I don't want to be surprized with too many or too few people in our hotel room.
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