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Ok as discussed at last Otakon here's the preliminary list for the Photo Scavenger Hunt. comment and add suggestions!! 

Cosplay Photo Scavenger Hunt
  1. A tentacle
  2. At least 3 Ed’s (from any anime) in one picture
  3. A non-particular generic school girl
  4. A non-animated cosplay
  5. A fight scene
  6. A Sasuke (Naruto) in black
  7. A yaoi paddle
  8. A yaoi (shonen-ai) pairing
  9. A pointless sign
  10. A box of pocky
  11. A cross dresser
  12. Prince of tennis cosplayers playing tennis
  13. An Afro
  14. An “underdressed” female *extra points for most
  15.  An “underdressed” make   *extra points for most
  16. A non-humanoid character (non-robot)
  17. A robot
  18. A transformer
  19. Someone eating sushi
  20. Someone with a weapon taller then they are
  21. A pigeon
  22. A “What were you thinking!?!” cosplayer
  23. An internet phenomenon (example: Peanut Butter Jelly time banana or people doing the numa numa dance)
  24. A cosplayer over 40
  25. A Lolita *extra points for best
  26. Biggest Plushie (has to have something near it to judge size)
  27. A confused tourist
  28. Cutest cosplayer (male\female)
  29. Hottest cosplayer (male\female)
  30. Repeat cosplayer (saw them in the same cosplay prior to this year and can prove it)
  31. A cosplayer under 10
  32. An obvious noob
  33. Dealer’s room line
  34. Fountain shot
  35. Most ________ in one shot (fill-in hottest cosplay for the year)
  36. A Where’s Waldo
  37. Someone handing out freebies
  38. Someone with a musical instrument
  39. A couple cosplaying as an anime couple
  40. A group of cosplayers that came together (4+) (Like obviously together not just met up at the con and all had outfits that are good)
  41. Someone in need of a shower
  42. An inappropriate t-shirt
  43. A Bible Black cosplay
  44. A Gonk look-a-like (picture to be added for verification)
  45. A Speed Racer *Bonus if he’s cute!
  46. Giggly Kat *Bonus if you don’t have to talk to him to get the picture!
  47. Cosplay with wings
  48. A “What gender are you?” person
  49. Someone who is obviously drunk *Bonus if they are holding the alcohol container
  50. Video Game Cosplay that is non Final Fantasy and non Kingdom Hearts
  51. Someone with a basket
  52. A bum (be careful)
  53. A Gundam Wing cosplay (any version) *bonus points for a non-pilot!
  54. A cosplay group eating at Inner Harbor
  55. A sleeping cosplayer at the con
  56. Someone with striped socks
  57. An obviously lonely fan boy *bonus if they have a sign that basically states that
  58. A non-natural hair color wig
  59. Someone with unnaturally colored natural hair (aka dyed)
  60. Non-cat animal ears
  61. An obvious chaperone
  62. A pimp Gendo
  63. A moment in Hentai
  64. Someone who’s cosplay is mostly a box
  65. A web comic cosplay (be ready to identify)
on a side note still haven't booked a room yet and it's not looking good in my bank account. I apparently eat too much. anyway yeah. Can't wait for next year!!
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haha looks good

I was just thinking about the hotel thing too. What do you think? 1 room @ the Wyndham again? I will look into my finances....
yeah I'm thinking wyndham they've been good to us and they have decent rates according to the Otakon site

Deleted comment

we could make teams?... which I think will make it more fun so you can team up with someone with a camera